Wisdom in the Margin

The Codex Boernerianus is a ninth-century Irish manuscript of the Greek New Testament. An unknown scribe jotted this verse in the margin:

Teicht do Róim:
Mór saído, becc torbai!
In rí chon-daigi hi foss,
Manim-bera latt, ní fogbai.
Going to Rome:
Much trouble, little gain!
The king you seek you will not find
Unless you bring him with you.
In the same margin, another verse:
Mór báis, mor baile
mór coll ceille mor mire
olais airchenn teicht dó ecaib
beith fo étoil maíc maire
’Tis frenzy blind,
’tis witlessness, ’tis madness wild —
Since still to deathward all life tends —
To be unfriends with Mary’s Child.