On the Sacredness of Human Life and its Untimely Termination

While we're talking about being Pro-Life, it's important to hear our bishops say clearly and unanimously that any deliberate ending of human life is a rejection of its sacredness and inviolability and is unacceptable.

That includes children in the womb, criminals in prison, neighbors in the market, and enemies on the battlefield.

The Church laments the loss of life from killing of any kind, for any reason. It mourns this loss alongside the bereaved and provides them with succor and hope. The Church also provides a path for spiritual healing and repentance for those who have taken life, believing that the grave damage done to a soul through killing can be healed by the Great Physician.

Statement of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in the USA: On the Sacredness of Human Life and its Untimely Termination.