Russia unveils perfume that smells like a fighter jet

Russia has unveiled what could be the world’s most macho scent, complete with notes of metal, leather and exhaust fumes from its cutting-edge stealth fighter jet.

The country’s perfume guild dedicated its latest scent to the fifth-generation Sukhoi fighter dubbed “The Checkmate,” according to Russia’s industrial conglomerate Rostec. Russia announced construction of the AI-powered multi-target jet’s prototype over the weekend.

The Russian alchemists took “original samples of the aircraft’s metal alloy, glass and leather trim and combined it with light shades of juniper, patchouli and oak moss,” the state-run RIA Novosti news agency quoted Rostec as saying.

“The five main scents were brought together thanks to the technogenic accord of the perfume,” Rostec said.

The black 50ml perfume bottle is shaped like a knight chess piece and comes in a chessboard-style box — all in reference to the jet’s nickname.

So far, only visitors to the Dubai Airshow 2021 have experienced the limited edition new aroma, and Rostec has not announced plans to enter the scent into mass circulation.

Originally at the Moscow Times.