Prayer for People Suffering from Mental and Spiritual Illness

(Composed by Fr. Athanasios of Simonopetra Monastery, Archon Hymnographer of the Great Church of Christ)

Lord our God, who out of love fashioned man from nothing, and breathed into him the spirit of life, and made him partake of it through the gift of an immortal and unique soul, thereby showing him to be, as it were, a small God through your great generosity, who granted him a peaceful life in the garden of delight, where by the envy of the devil he committed disobedience, through which every form of disorder was introduced into the world, and peace was lost; you, O Lord, who through your incarnation broke down the middle wall of partition and united what had been separated, who gave your all-holy and peacemaking Spirit to dwell in your bride the Church, look upon your servant [Name] in your loving-kindness with favor, and restore peace to him/her, establishing in his/her soul the Paraclete who grants peace.

Yea, Lord, you can do all things, and nothing is impossible for you; and as you said to your holy apostles, “I give you my peace,” say likewise to your child [Name] who is bowing down in reverence before you, “Peace be with you, go in peace, let it be according to your faith,” granting him/her the rich blessing of your peace and joy; and as you commanded the wind and the sea to cease from their turbulence and caused calm to prevail, likewise soothe the spiritual turmoil brought upon him/her by the father of evil, so that from this moment forward, abstaining from every evil deed that drives away peace, he/she may in every way glorify and worship your all-holy name to the ages of ages.