From the Akathist for Doughnuts

From the venerable Ακάθιστος για τους λουκουμάδες

Rejoice, icon of circularity!
Rejoice, namesake of holeyness!
Rejoice, companion of coffee and morning e-mail!
Rejoice, thou whose fluffiness shows forth the rising of Christ!
Rejoice, for thine immersion in hot oil speaks of saving baptism!
Rejoice, for thy dredging in powdered sugar manifests the harrowing of hades!
Rejoice, fruit of vigil, fried in the midnight hour!
Rejoice, for thy silent "ugh" represents hesychastic stillness!
Rejoice, for thou comest in dozens, like the holy Apostles!
Rejoice, for thy short-lived freshness is like unto manna!
Rejoice, O fried and risen pastry!