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The Most Unhappy of Pleasures

This article at The Atlantic is about more than just sugar.

The Bible teaches us that pleasure doesn’t pay. If you don’t destroy yourself, then God will do it for you. Four thousand years later and the rules are still the same…

When did the world become so obsessed with pleasure? Scripture argues that the goal of a righteous life is happiness, not pleasure. The Declaration of Independence affords us the right to “the pursuit of happiness,” not pleasure. But pleasure has taken center stage in virtually all human pursuits. Delayed gratification is so 20th century…

Pleasure is exciting. Happiness is transcendent. More importantly, pleasure is dopamine. And happiness is serotonin.

During this season of fasting, it’s not hard to see the relevance to the Lenten struggle, and the joy that’s found paradoxically amid suffering.

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Fr Silouan Thompson

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