O Lord, before my end

From Psalm 99 of the Spiritual Psalter of Saint Ephraim the Syrian (4th century AD)

In a brief period of time we will pass through fearful and horrible places, and there is no one here who is able to avoid travelling this path.

No one will be able to accompany or help us, not parents, brothers, friends, relatives, riches or anything else.

If in that hour we discover that we are lacking the protection of God, the princes of darkness will surely keep us back.

They are uncompromising and merciless.

They do not fear kings nor do they have respect for lords.

They do not honor the lowly or the great.

Only from those who live a pious life do they withdraw in fear, permitting them to have a free journey.

O Lord, I envision what this hour will be like and I fall down in the presence of Your goodness.

Do not deliver me over those who offend me, that Your enemies not brag that they have taken hold of Your servant, O good Lord.

Let them not gnash their teeth and trouble my sinful soul, saying, “You have fallen into our hands, you have been delivered to us.

This is the day which we have been waiting for.”

No, O Lord, do not deal with me according to my iniquities and do not turn Your face from me.

Do not say to me, “Amen, I say to you: I do not know you.”

O Lord, chastise me, according to Your compassion, and let my foe not delight over me.

Quench his rage, annul all his deeds, vouchsafe me a way to You free from assaults and scorning.

O good Lord, bend Your ear to my prayer, not on account of my righteousness, but on account of Your compassion and great mercy.

Deliver my unhappy soul from death.

You are the Lord of all and You have authority over all creatures.

O Lord, You have said, “Ask, and it will be given to you.

Knock, and it will be opened to you.”

Indeed I ask and knock.

O Lord, before my end, purify me from all sin.