Do not let anyone outrun you

“What will you say to the Judge in that day of fear and trembling? Come to your senses, while there is still time. While you are still the master of your thoughts, while your mind is still functioning, while there is yet movement in your body, while it is still possible for grace to touch your heart, and while you can still shed cleansing tears — take a brave stand against the passions and, with God's help, valiantly smite Goliath.

Hurry, do not let a thief outrun you, do not let a harlot reach the entrance before you, do not let one of the violent who take the kingdom of God by force block the door.

Hurry, for when the contest is over it is no longer possible to enter competitions. When the market is closed it is not possible to seek goods; and when a transaction is completed, it is not possible to take part in it.

While there is time, hurry to engage in battle, that you might overcome your enemies and show yourself worthy to receive a crown.”

— St Ephraim the Syrian, A Spiritual Psalter, 48