How Dad Are You?

☐ “Guess its free, then.”
    (when a cashier has touble scanning an item.)

☐ “Found it!”
    (while pointing a stud finder at yourself)

☐ “Looks like we’ll have to amputate.”
    (When a kid has a minor injury)

☐ “Let’s rock and roll!”
    (when it’s time to leave)

☐ “Did you fall in?”
    (when a kid takes too long in the bathroom)

☐ “No, your other right.”
    (when someone mistakes left for right)

☐ “What’s the damage?
    (before looking at a bill)

☐ “Can you do mine next?”
    (when seeing a neighbor washing their car)

☐ “I was just resting my eyes.”
    (after falling asleep on the couch)

☐ “Guess they’ll let anyone in here!”
    (when seeing a friend in public)

☐ “Glad we’re not going that way.”
    (when seeing traffic on the other side of the road)

☐ “Can’t get far without these!”
    (after forgetting your keys)

☐ “I’m not paying to heat the whole neighborhood.”
    (when the door is left open)

☐ “It’s not heavy, just awkward.”
    (when carrying something heavy)

☐ “People don’t know how to drive in this town.”
    (in every town you’re in)

☐ “We needed this rain.”
    (every time it rains)

☐ “That’s how they get you.”
    (after declining additional warranty protection)

☐ “Back already? How was it?”
    (when someone comes back inside because they forgot something)

☐ “That’s not going anywhere.”
    (after tying something down)