What’s my role?

Bishop Sebastian of Zelon wrote:

While in recent years we have seen a greater willingness in laity to become involved in the matters of the Church, they still struggle to figure out their role. More often, laity see their own role as ‘secular,’ taking care of the business side of the Church, while they see the priest's role as ‘spiritual,’ taking care of the spiritual needs of the people. According to this notion, the laity is responsible for the money and the housekeeping business of the church, the priest is responsible for the spiritual matters…

The fallacy in this notion is that it denies the spiritual responsibility of every Christian, including the Parish Council Members, to serve one another. If we accept this notion, it will mean that only clergy are called to care and that laity do not have that responsibility. But this is not the case…

Both clergy and laity need to realize that they have a spiritual role to fulfill, and that they need to assist in building up the Body of Christ.

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Fr Silouan Thompson

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