Custom keyboard replicates the Photoshop toolbar

Yanko Design writes:

This custom keyboard is the spitting image of Photoshop’s toolbar. Just casually place it in front of you either above your external keyboard or below your laptop keyboard and you’ve got yourself a powerful set of Photoshop shortcuts, complete with Photoshop’s iconography for good measure. You can find all of Photoshop’s commonly used tools in the key-layout, along with quick-access keys for undoing and redoing, as well as for saving and opening files. There are even custom-mappable knobs for controlling features such as brush sizes, hardness, or even for zooming in/out.

The twin-to-Photoshop-shortcuts keyboard is priced at $160 while a number pad version will run you a mere $150, according to their respective Etsy listings.

Take, as they say, my money!

Photoshop keyboard