All gone?

Many years ago, I prepaid a hosting agreement for my website. All the contact information the host had was for a job where I haven’t worked since 2013. So when that hosting agreement came up for renewal I didn’t get any notice, and about twenty years of curated serious and silly content just went away. Alas.

But thanks to Google cache and the Wayback Machine, almost all the content is available. So, over the next few weeks, I mean to re-post the best articles here.

The first version of this site, back in 1997, I think, was hand-written in inglorious HTML 2, later re-styled with Microsoft FrontPage (O the shame.) Twenty-odd years later, traces of frames-and-tables design and <font> tags still existed up to the most recent version. I think of this as a wake-up call to winnow out articles that don’t “spark joy” while starting over with a responsive, phone-friendly grid design, modern typography, and all that stuff.

Is there an article you remember reading here and want to see again? Get in touch at and I’ll make restoring that item a priority.

Meanwhile, thanks to Enjoy!