1. Father, bless.
    This Palm Sunday, by the immeasurable grace of God, I will become a catechumen in the Orthodox Church. While it is early to be thinking of a baptismal name, I find myself drawn to St. Silouan. I would love to know more about how he drew you, if you don’t mind. ALthough there are websites telling how to pronounce the name, I thought I’d ask someone who actually has it! Also, do you know if there is a feminine version of Silouan? It doesn’t matter to me, but I thought it might be nice to know.

    Please pray for me.

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    • Sadly Palm Sunday is long past, but I’m only now checking blog comments…

      The Latin name Sylvanus turns in Greek into Silouanos, then the Russians drop the ending: Siluan. In English I’ve only ever heard it pronounced SILL-u-wan or SILL-wan. For a feminine version, I know of an American woman whose Christian name is Silouana (Sill-u-WAN-a) and I have seen mention of a few Greek nuns named Silouani (I expect in Greek they’d say “sill-wa-NEE.”) You will of course pronounce it however you like and good for you :-)

      Belated prayers, and may God grant you many years!

      — Fr Silouan

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