Spring, 2001:

What’s this site all about?

A few years after I resigned from pastoring the Vietnamese mission at Calvary Assembly of God, I find I’m still running into folks who wonder where I went, or why I left.

Well, for those who haven’t yet heard, I didn’t leave Calvary because of any kind of conflict. I love the folks at Calvary, and wish I could have brought them all with me when I was received into the Orthodox Church.

(…The what?)

The Orthodox Church.

I know – it was as much a surprise to me as to anybody when I found out where my studies of the early Church were leading me.

Over the past few years, friends have repeatedly asked me – what on earth would make a nice Protestant guy join the Orthodox Church? Some have just wanted to know what Orthodoxy is, while others have asked me hard questions that have made me examine closely the conclusions I came to and choice I made.

This site is an attempt to provide an answer for the friends who said they want to understand the path that has led me here. Some folks have asked me what it was I read in the Early Fathers that so impressed me – so along with some thought-provoking quotes, I will also be featuring complete texts from Christianity’s first centuries, in modern translations, as I find them in the public domain. I’ll also be continuing to post articles and links the suff I find fascinating.

If that sounds interesting at all, or if you’re just curious what “Silouan” means, I invite you to poke around the site, enjoy, and email me if you feel like it. I’d love to hear from you!

In Christ,
Phil (Silouan)


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