Redeeming the social network

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On Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, I see so many posts about dogmatic issues, church politics, and discussion of persons. But do you know what I would really like to see my online friends post?

What are you reading this month, and how is it changing how you pray? What thing have you learned lately that has made a difference in your own struggle against the passions, for the virtues? What saints and fellow-members of your parish have shown you something about Christ in their patience, mercy, forgiveness, prayer and fasting? In the Fathers or Scripture, what have read lately that required change in your thoughts, words and actions?

What has made you thankful? What has recently strengthened your faith, encouraged or challenged you, humbled you?

How has your loyalty to Christ as King and Lord caused tension lately with your duties to your community, your country, your peers or relatives? What are you doing about that? How can others help support you?

What personal, human actions and relationships of yours are currently being re-shaped by the Gospel of the Kingdom? What opportunity do you see for members of your parish to do mercy or make peace in your city? How about your creativity — in your writing, cooking, visual art, music, teaching — how are these being informed by the presence of Christ in your life and the reality of his Kingdom?

Those are posts I would be delighted to read!

Social networks are not inherently septic: We have the power to make at least our own online presence a source of hope and a call back to love and fear of God.

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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