On Good Friday

A thought for Great and Holy Friday from Saint Gregory the Theologian

If you are a Simon of Cyrene, then take up the cross and follow. If you are crucified with Him as a robber, then acknowledge God as a penitent robber. If even He was numbered among the transgressors for you and your sin, then may you become law-abiding for His sake.

Worship Him Who was hanged for you, even if you yourself are hanging; make some gain even from your wickedness. Purchase salvation by your death; enter with Jesus into Paradise, so that you may learn from what you have fallen. Contemplate the glories that are there; let the murderer die outside with his blasphemies.

And if you are a Joseph of Arimathea, then beg the Body from him that crucified Him, and make your own that which cleanses the world. If you are a Nicodemus, the worshiper of God by night, then bury Him with spices.

If you are a Mary, or another Mary, or a Salome, or a Joanna, then weep in the early morning, and be first to see the stone taken away, and perhaps you will see the Angels and Jesus Himself.


Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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