Why is Charlie Hebdo news while Nigeria isn’t?

The question is being asked by many: Why is the western world in shock over the murder of a handful of French blasphemers by Muslim radicals while hundreds were slaughtered by Boko Haram in Nigeria this week with hardly a peep in the news?

“Charlie Hebdo” is simply a magazine in poor taste. The cartoons we’ve seen weren’t satire at all, merely insult. But by insulting Christianity and Islam, and then being killed by Muslims, the “Charlie Hebdo” staff have become martyrs in the cause of secularism.

This is not only a matter of Islamic atrocity; it’s an affront to the godless, accountability-free libertine culture that western media exists to celebrate and teach as normal. “Freedom of speech” in this case stands for freedom from all restraint. The fact that the crime was committed by radical religious freaks only makes the martyrdom angle easier for the press to sell: “Religious people are bad and want to take away our freedom!”

It’s a kind of allegorical sermon: The actual human people who die under the yoke of Islam are not as important to the media as the lesson their deaths can be used to teach: “Religion is the enemy of the civilized world.”

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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