A safe journey

An Athonite hermit said:

What guarantees a safe journey to eternity is effort, dignity, the sense of being unworthy before God, and hope: the spiritual oxygen, consolation, and certainty.  Not misery and compelled obedience and forced prayer; not tears and sadness – these all come from Satan. Yes, I ought to weep for my sins, but all the while hoping in God’s love.  But I cannot stand it if I cry because the Devil wants me to despair.  Many times Satan crushes a person with despair and the devil becomes the victor.  But this does not happen when one is like a child on his father’s arm – trusting.  Our trust in God is a ceaseless prayer that brings positive results.  Despair comes from the Devil.  Don’t say, “Oh, what has happened to me?” But give yourself to God totally and hope in Him.

— from an Athonite Gerontikon

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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