PhilippinesTonight we flew to Davao. Thanks to torrential rains and Manila traffic, we were late to the airport: Arrived about 8:40pm for a 9:00 flight. Thanks to the Filipino respect for clergy, they held the plane and rushed us and our luggage on board. Luggage weight allowance was only 10 kg, (22 pounds) so we expected to pay significant overweight baggage charges. Instead, airline staff simply loaded all our bags in overhead bins and off we went.

Davao seems generally cleaner than Manila. There are public employees sweeping and maintaining public areas. Also, the jeepneys are more colorful than in Manila. And people speak Cebuano here! :-) Even if I don’t understand much, a lot of the signage and conversation are distantly familiar.

The hotel has not only air conditioning but a shower! Also, broadband wi-fi. So after arriving circa midnight and setting the alarm for 4am to meet our ride, Fr Seraphim and I stayed up for an hour or more catching up on the Internet. Fr S set the aircon for about 20 below zero. No complaints here.

Phones at the hotel are out of order, so still can’t contact Verizon.

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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