Abbot Tryphon writes:

Suffer Criticism as Profitable for Your Salvation

If we stop rejecting the criticism of others, be it justified or unjustified criticism, and see such criticism as profitable for our salvation, we will have gained a great spiritual treasure. When we gain the ability to see our own sinfulness, we see that even the good deeds we do is saturated with sin. When we have gained the humility that comes from embracing the criticism of others, we will see that we are unable to heal ourselves, but are entirely dependent upon God as our only source of healing.

When we take notice of our own sinfulness, we will stop judging others, seeing in them the same pitiful state, and realize they are our kinfolk, and we are all journeying together, towards God. They can no longer hurt or offend us with their criticism, for we pity them, just as we pity ourselves for our own sinfulness, and we see them as our friends in this common struggle for sanctification and holiness.

The famous Russian abbot of the 50’s and 60’s, Father Nikon, was said to have told a spiritual child that once he sees his own sin, he will stop exalting some and belittle others, seeing everyone as his brother or sister. He will begin to love everyone as his co-struggler.

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Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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