What is salvation anyway?

Rebecca Trotter at The Upside-Down World writes:

Does salvation really mean going to heaven rather than hell after you die? A lot of Christians believe that. But one of the first things I noticed when I started reading scripture many years ago was that this notion is almost completely absent from the Bible.

The problem of sin as it is often explained is that it is evil and separates us from God. But dig a little deeper. The Hebrew word for sin comes from an archery term which means “to miss”. To miss what? God’s perfection. The image of God that we carry within us. The life we are meant to live and the person we are meant to be. Sin is a distortion that we take part in. It can be our own sin or the sin that another commits against us, but the end result is that we reflect something other than the image of God that we were created to be – it misses. And sin separates us from God as surely as it separates us from ourselves and each other. Because we’re looking and pointing in all the wrong directions.

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Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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