Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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  1. I like this. But I’ve been wrestling with it in light of recent world events. On the one hand I believe exactly what this says. On the other (I’m cursed with the psychological need to always play the devil’s advocate) if we know our freedom of expression will provoke wrath/anger/violence from others who can not/will not control themselves should we consider that before speaking or acting?
    I’ll be honest, I don’t really like where that leads either…

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    • It’s always worth asking ourselves “Am I just saying this to bait people? Am I trolling?” (Hear me, O ye Facebookers!) If my not-so-hidden goal is to enrage the easily-enraged, then I’m not a prophet, I’m just a jackass. The facts about Muhammad are damning enough; I don’t think we need to add much sarcasm to make that obvious. And delighting in the outrage of people we’re suposed to care about isn’t remotely Christian.

      On the other other hand, I’d hate to give radical Muslims a heckler’s veto. The logic of “Never say anything that will make the Muslims reveal themselves as head-chopping psychopaths” is not only destructive to free speech, it’s also pretty bigoted toward Muslims.

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