On confession and repentance

Kevin John Stafford penned these lines recently:

Bitter tears of repentance, deepest friend I know
That christen the heart of sorrow filled with woe
I often seek the pleasure of sin, for just a season
And wonder what I sought, when I come back to reason

Weeping bitterly on the floor, my heart poured out in grief
The deepest shame that I have felt, disclosed with great relief
Let remembrance of these bitter tears dwell deep within my heart
That I may think on them, and resist the pull of satan’s fiery dart

Live not my soul in dual worlds of peace, and passioned thought
Reject the passion of the world by strength which grace hath wrought
Cling to Christ, and cry the tears, and let the passions go
That deepest purity of heart, one day thy soul may know

© Kevin Stafford, July 2012

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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