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Modest Needs logo A friend on Facebook recently posted a link to a charity I’d never heard of: the Modest Needs Foundation. From their mission statement:

We work to promote the self-sufficiency of the ‘working poor’ – the hard-working but low-income individuals and families that conventional philanthropy has otherwise forgotten… A significant gap exists in the social service ‘safety nets’…

This gap leaves low-income but generally self-sufficient individuals and families without access to small amounts of short-term, emergency assistance in favor of providing significant amounts of long-term assistance to these same individuals and families once they’ve fallen deeply into the cycle of poverty.

Charity details:

Modest Needs Foundation
115 E 30th St, Fl 1
New York, NY 10016
212 463-7042

EIN: 47-0863430
Nonprofit Data at Guidestar
Reviews at Great NonProfits

Their emphasis appears to be on needs that will keep someone from falling into poverty, or will help them become self-supporting. In practice, their website looks like a Kickstarter or Heifer approach to sensible, effective, prudent giving in our own communities. Modest Needs’ FAQ shows an impressive combination of compassion and practicality.

Today on their Facebook page:

Hello everyone! Just a quick update to tell you that if you support Modest Needs, then today, you kept NINE families (or 42 people) off the streets and in their homes.

Then, for good measure, you helped an autistic child to get the educational plan he deserves.

All contributions you make through the end of the month are DOUBLED in value thanks to our matching grant for July:

I’m looking for some ways to make my giving more consistent and intentional – this looks like a partner who can help me feel part of something human, not just write a check every month. I do wish they had some projects here in my town. (Update: Here in Walla Walla we can give and volunteer through the Blue Mountain Action Council.

Some other charities to consider:



Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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