Virality Uber Alles: What the Fetishization of Social Media Is Costing Us All

Today in the Huffington Post, editor Arianna Huffington writes:

The media world’s fetishization of social media has reached idol-worshipping proportions…

Social media are a means, not an end. And going viral isn’t “mission accomplished,” regardless of what it was that went viral. As James DeJulio put it, “It seems that overnight, the viral video has become some sort of badge of honor within advertising communities. CMOs without them are beginning to feel like the only kid in second grade without a Cabbage Patch.”

It’s good; keep reading…

I keep getting asked why I don’t have a Twitter strategy for the college; a number of people assume that if a medium exists, then surely every institution ought to be using it. Speaking as the college’s grumpy media guy, I still haven’t found a meaningful Twitter outcome or a convincing path to one.

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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