Manual for the Cold

iciclesAs the Siberian cold snap sweeps the whole of Europe, bringing the temperature to below zero degrees Celsius (C) even in the Mediterranean, on the Internet there is circulating a guide to what happens at certain temperatures. (Translated from Serbian by Fr. Ivan Moody.)

+18 ° C In Hawaii, take another blanket.
+10 ° C The temperature In buildings in Helsinki without heating.
+2 ° C Italian cars will not start.
0 ° C Distilled water freezes.
-1 ° C You can see your breath. Russians eat ice cream and drink cold beer.
-4 ° C Your dog gets into your bed.
-10 ° C French cars will not start
-12 ° C Politicians begin to talk about the homeless.
-15 ° C American cars will not start.
-20 ° C You can hear your breath.
-24 ° C Japanese cars will not start.
-28 ° C Your dog puts on your pyjamas.
-29 ° C German cars will not start.
-30 ° C No normal car will start.
-36 ° C Russian cars will not start.
-39 ° C Russians fasten all the buttons on their shirts.
-50 ° C Your car gets into your bed.
-60 ° C The residents of Helsinki are freezing. Russians fasten their clothes with hooks.
-70 ° C Hell freezes over.
-72 ° C Lawyers put their hands in their own pockets.
-120 ° C Alcohol freezes. This makes the Russians angry.
-273.15 ° C Absolute zero. The movement of elementary particles ceases. Russians lick frozen vodka.

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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