So evidently I’m in the right place…

The Internet said so.

This Christian Denomination Selector seems to have got me figured out. These tests usually tell me I should be an “Orthodox Quaker” first; Nice to see one that agrees with me :-)

Your Christian Denomination Selector Results:
Link: Christian Denomination Selector

Eastern Orthodox Church
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church
Roman Catholic Church
Episcopal/Anglican Church
Methodist/Wesleyan Church
Church of Christ
Mennonite Brethren
Assemblies of God
Free Will Baptist
International Church of Christ
Orthodox Quakerism
Seventh-Day Adventist
Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Reformed Churches
Southern Baptist
United Pentecostal Church
Presbyterian Church USA
Reformed Baptist
Jehovah’s Witness
Liberal Quakerism
Unitarian Universalism
Unity Church

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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