Never realized I needed them before

A pair of diamond-encrusted gold pistols which release tiny, mechanical, singing birds when fired.

Aurel Bacs, International Head of the Watch Department at fine art auction house Christie’s, shares his passion and knowledge of the only known matching pair of gold and enamel singing bird pistols, to be offered at Christie’s Hong Kong Important Watches sale on 30 May 2011. Among the most valuable and important works of art remaining in private hands, the value and ingenuity of these pistols are beyond description and must be seen and heard to be truly appreciated.

ridiculous pistols

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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  1. Wow! I’m left assuming these don’t actually shoot bullets. I’m guessing these were meant to be mock dueling pistols? Perhaps for those who needed to settle a debt of honor but wanted to be sure both parties would walk away unscathed . . . even smiling?
    Really, can you imagine giving some bounder the slap on the cheek, thus giving him the right to choose weapons — and he says – “Mechanical singing bird pistols – at dawn!” Still -if you listen carefully to the description of the mechanism, it is clear that if nothing else, you are quite literally “flipping the bird” to your opponent!

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