Heresy, I’m sure

XoomA Facebook friend posted:

Android users – what is your favorite/current Android phone and why? Am considering jumping from the iPhone ship.

My response:

I sold my iPhone a week ago (transitioned to a totally Dumb Phone) to save up for the shiny awesome Motorola Xoom. My plan has been to order it when I get paid on the first of next month. But now that I’m getting used to not having the Internet in my pocket, I’m beginning to wonder if I need a replacement.

I’m starting to reclaim my inner life; getting used to standing in an elevator or in line at the butcher’s, and simply praying the Jesus Prayer, or thinking at a leisurely pace, instead of going to Wikipedia, Facebook, or my mail. I still reflexively reach into my pocket for my phone a dozen times a day (and pull out nothing but a plain ol’ telephone but I’m not experiencing any noticeable decrease in quality of life.

In fact as I write this I realize I’ve already decided not to replace my iPhone at all. Huh :-)

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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  1. Chtets Silouan –
    Congratulations of your new-found freedom. When my Palm Centro finally dies, I expect I will downgrade to a dumb phone (can’t afford the Verizon smart-phone data plan)and maybe get some sort of smart phone that I never activate to use as a PDA. (Really prefer a physical keyboard, and almost all tablets are too big for a shirt pocket.)
    Do you ever come over to Tri-Cities with Father Jesse?

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    • I come over every few weeks to help with Saturday night Vespers and to work with the choir/cantors. I trust they’ll learn all my worst habits :-)

      I got my Dumb Phone by looking on eBay for “Verizon Phone” and picking the cheapest one with a “Buy Now” tag. Ended up with a Motorola W385 for about twenty bucks, and a prepaid As-You-Go plan from Verizon. I feel delightfully retro when I talk on a phone that is so five minutes ago :-)

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