What Tau sounds like

Today is June 28: Tau Day! Here Michael Blake interprets Tau to 126 decimal places.

What is Tau? From The Tau Manifesto:

π is wrong. It’s time to set things right. We begin repairing the damage wrought by π by first understanding the notorious number itself. The traditional definition for the circle constant sets π (pi) equal to the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter:
π is not “wrong” in the sense of being factually incorrect… When we say that “π is wrong”, we mean that π is a confusing and unnatural choice for the circle constant. In particular, since a circle is defined as the set of points a fixed distance—the radius—from a given point, a more natural definition for the circle constant uses r in place of D:
circle constant
Because the diameter of a circle is twice its radius, this number is numerically equal to 2π. The true circle constant deserves a proper name. The Tau Manifesto proposes that this name should be the Greek letter τ (tau):
More at The Tau Manifesto…

Also: around 1:21 Blake plays a banjo with an e-bow. Nice!

For more of Michael’s music check out quebecantique.com or iTunes. And here’s an MP3 download of “What Tau Sounds Like”

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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