An interview with Ran Prieur

Ran Prieur
Today at BoingBoing:

Ran Prieur is a writer and permaculturist

Avi Solomon: Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Ran Prieur: I am known on the Internet as somebody who writes about dropping out of society, the critique of civilization, sustainability and the collapse. I’m a softcore doomer. I write about why this entire society is unbalanced and a large mistake and why the mistake is ending and how you can, how we can get out of it. How we can live better.

Avi: Why is your ‘How to Drop Out’ essay so popular?

Ran Prieur’s excellent essay:
How to Drop Out

Ran: That’s easy. It’s popular because people want to drop out of society. That’s the number one way that people find my website. They go on to Google and type “how to drop out of society” and my “How to Drop Out” essay is the top hit on there.

And they come there and they read it. Then, I suppose people like it because I’m not dogmatic about it. I don’t know if anybody’s read the CrimethInc books. The CrimethInc books are purely motivational books. They’re like “Woohoo it’s so exciting and drop out and live like an anarchist in the streets and hop a freight train to Bolivia” and “Woohoo quit your job now. Drop out now”. All motivational writing is lies. If you take it seriously, if you take it at face value, it’s all lies. It’s always harder than that. But I still admire the CrimethInc people for inspiring people. It’s very inspiring if you read it to motivate yourself, so long as you don’t take it too seriously. I try to give more serious answers and explain how difficult and painful it is to live outside the system.

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