Living water

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Just wanted to share a moment from church this morning…

The scripture reading was the woman at the well, and Jesus offering Living Water. So, the pastor asked the kids if they wanted some living water. She got a basket of communion glasses, and a pitcher of water. She explained that the water is used for baptism, and represents God’s love.

She handed each kid a glass, and asked that they all hold their hands sort of close together. She then proceeded to dump the pitcher over the glasses. Yes, the pitcher was full. All over the glasses, all over the floor and carpet.

Needless to say, this got everyone’s attention. The message (after she calmed down the kids) was that the pouring of God’s love isn’t limited to just you….that there’s way more than can fit in just your little cup….that it’s an event that tends to splash over to the people near you…that it can be a bit chaotic and even kind of messy. That’s Living Water.

Yeah, the carpet was still soaked at the end of the service. Best message ever.

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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