Kirb Your Enthusiasm

Matthew Battles and Joshua Glenn at HiLobrow have been running a series called Kirb Your Enthusiasm, celebrating lgendary comics artist Jack Kirby:

We’ve invited 25 of our favorite writers to take a close look at selected panels drawn by the legendary comic-book artist and author Jack Kirby. The series is called KIRB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.

From today through the week of March 7th, HiLobrow will publish posts by: Douglas Rushkoff on a panel from THE ETERNALS,  Mark Frauenfelder on KAMANDI, Joshua Glenn on Kirby’s Radium-Age Sci-Fi Influences, Chris Lanier on Kirby vs. Kubrick

Week one starts Here: Read on…

The series home page is here: Kirb Your Enthusiasm

I’m a big fan of Kirby, who’s shown up here before.

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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