Vladimir Putin – F1 and the politics of a tough-guy

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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is the Ernest Hemingway of world politics. His macho CV includes working for the KGB, rescuing Russia from economic oblivion, becoming a judo expert, shooting tigers in Siberia, horse-back riding half-naked across the Russian Steppe, whale-hunting with a crossbow in the Pacific, diving to the bottom of Lake Baikal in a mini-submarine, and controlling Russian politics from behind the scenes.

Given this lavish array of daring exploits, one would assume that Putin has reached the upper limit of showcasing his masculine bravado.  However, on Sunday November 7, wearing a helmet emblazoned with the doubled-headed eagle of Russia, the fifty-eight year old Prime Minister burned rubber on a racing circuit outside of St. Petersburg in a Formula One car, reaching speeds of 240 km/h.


Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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