Eschatology and Time Travel

Richard Beck at Experimental Theology writes:

I don’t recall the first time I heard the term “eschatology.” But what I can be fairly certain of is that I likely equated eschatology with “Judgment Day.” In your faith tradition eschatology might have meant “the End Times.” Armageddon. Thousand Year Reign. Rapture. Anti-Christ. Stuff like that…

Eschatology has become increasingly important to my spiritual life. So much so I can’t have a conversation today about faith without saying “eschaton,” “eschatology,” or “eschatological.”

I’m with him — it’s hard to think about the kingdom and gospel of Christ without talking about here-and-now eschatology. If the word only makes you think of the Rapture and the Number of the Beast and other stiff disconnected from real-life discipleship, then Read on…

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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