One Day a Week Restaurant

Via Eric Crampton at Offsetting Behaviour:

There are lots of restaurants out there that close for one or two days a week – family outfits that need to have a break. There are lots of folks out there who’d like to run a restaurant, but can’t handle the fixed costs of starting up. Two Wellingtonians have found the perfect solution: the one-day-a-week restaurant.

A Thai restaurant owned by a Burmese woman is going Ethiopian.

Well, at least one night a week.

Dawit Demissie, a refugee from Ethiopia, takes over the Brooklyn restaurant every Monday night, serving his traditional cuisine.

The 31-year-old arrived in New Zealand in 2002 and hopes to open his own restaurant. Mr Demissie, who works as a taxi driver and studies English, has teamed with mentor Annie Coates who runs the Golden Lotus.


Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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