The young lady’s name is Rosie Ball

In 1950, 4-year-old Rosie, and her dog, Skippy, were accidentally locked inside of the Foodland Supermarket in Roxbury, MA after they snuck in just before the store closed for the evening.  Trapped, and bored, she decided to have a little fun with the place.  According to Life magazine:

“Rosie came out of hiding and went to the ice cream freezers, where she made snowballs of all the flavors, ate some and tossed the rest to Skippy.”

By the time she’d started eating her way through the produce section and pouring soda in the cash register, a crowd had gathered at the windows, cheering her on.  She was finally stopped, however, by an employee who returned to the store to let her out—a bummer for the gathered crowd, as they were hoping to see her bowl down a few liquor bottles, which she’d begun assembling for that very purpose.

Rosie Ball, you are today’s hero.

(Image by Yale Joel for Life Magazine, 1950—you can see her adventures unfold here and here.)

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Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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