Radical economics – a mandate for the new church?

Drew Tatsuko writes:

College students graduate with 10’s of thousands of dollars of debt, home ownership is a myth since few people stay long enough in the same home to own it, car leases, credit cards, etc. The value of the US economy is purely speculative and that is clear by the ratio of produced goods and exports versus the ratio of speculative investments and exported labor. The US economy needs debt in order to be prosperous and that means it needs the public to hold that private corporate debt. Even more troubling is that the US budget invests in these debts through subsidies. One does not need to look much farther than massive corporate agriculture to see how this works. Profitable local farming is all but dead as a way of life – unless you’re Amish (they don’t pay federal taxes by the way). The dollar is thus only branded as something liberating when in actuality it is a vehicle of oppression itself.


I could wish for some more fleshed-out, constructive suggestions, but he does raise some good questions.

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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