An Evil Guest

An Evil Guest

An Evil Guest , by Gene Wolfe

I enjoyed the first two-thirds of this book. It’s a slightly-futuristic pulp-fiction tale, with likeable characters and (as always) Gene Wolfe’s delightfully dry voice.

Then in the last third, the wheels fell off, a bunch of interesting characters just went away, the lovecraftian horror elements showed up but failed to be very horrible or scary, and finally at what was meant to be a huge climax, my heart was *not* beating hard – actually I was close to losing interest.

Did this book sit half-written on a shelf, and get completed in a hurry after the original inspiration had fled? I’m disappointed. Luckily I’ve got a bunch of other Gene Wolfe books to read, all of which I like a great deal.

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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