Cry Jesus

Try to attain the full measure of this Name [of Jesus], and you will find it on your mouth and in the mouths of your children. When you make high festival and when you rejoice, cry Jesus. When anxious and in pain, cry Jesus. When little boys and girls are laughing, let them cry Jesus. And those who go down to the Nile, cry Jesus. And those who see wild beasts and sights of terror, cry Jesus. Those who are taken off to prison, cry Jesus. And those whose trial has been corrupted and who receive injustice, cry the name of Jesus.

— Shenoute of Atripe, 5th century

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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  1. I just read your about page. Orthodox Church – Is that the Greek or the Russian Orthodox? Perhaps you could do a write up on the differences?

    In any case, great poem here from the 5th Century.


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  2. Might be worth an article indeed – there’s a complex history to the Orthodox presence in the Americas.

    Short answer, though: I serve in a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church. The difference between Russian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox (or Bulgarian or Albanian)or whatever is about like the difference between American Presbyterians and Korean Presbyterians: there are ethnic and cultural differences, but they’re pretty much on the same page.

    With Orthodox Christians it’s even more so. When I visit the Greek parish in the next town over, or the Antiochian (Arab) parish a little further down the highway, it’s all familiar: it’s the same faith and we all pray the identical Liturgy. What’s different is mostly the language of the chatter over coffee after the service. In the Liturgy, the Russians tend to like choirs and harmony, while the Greeks tend have cantors singing distinctly Middle-Eastern melodies – but under the music, the hymn texts and the prayers are the same.

    It’s been said that most any Orthodox bishop could finish any other Orthodox bishop’s sentences for him :-)

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