The body of Christ

Page 95 of the Leabhar BreacPage 95 of the Leabhar Breac

The body which was born of the Virgin Mary, without any stain, without destruction of her virginity, without opening of the womb, without presence of man, and which was crucified by the unbelieving people out of spite and envy, and which arose after three days from death, and sits upon the right hand of God the father in heaven, in glory and in dignity before the angels of heaven.  It is the body the same as it is in this great glory, which the righteous consume off God’s table, that is, off the holy altar.  For this body is the rich medicine of the faithful, who journey through the paths of pilgrimage and repentance of this world to the heavenly homeland.  This is the seed of the resurrection in the life eternal to the righteous.

— From the ancient Irish manuscript called the Leabhar Breac, the “Speckled Book.”

In many ways the writings of the ancient Christians of Ireland, Scotland, and Gaul sound familiar to Orthodox ears. Here’s an Irish writer, whose words would be just as much at home in ancient Egypt, Palestine or Syria.

Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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