Okay, *now* I’m home

It’s a beautiful cool November day. It rained this morning, which around here is usually accompanied by warming; sure enough it’s about sixty degrees out. The sky is a gentle grey with tall deep textures moving slowly and a promise of sun later on.

It’s a quiet, still late morning. Birds are singing, and there aren’t many cars on the road. There’s a scent of wet evergreens, autumn leaves, and just a hint of clean woodsmoke.

I’ve been to church, been to the bakery, and now I’m on the porch with a glass of carmenere, a bit of Rossini (electrifying bold cheese) and some Delice de Bourgogne (Smooth, buttery rich) and some fresh bread.

This week I’ve been hustling, working, sleeping, and keeping promises – now I feel like I’m home. :-)


Author: Father Silouan Thompson

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