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Self-Control Is Just Empathy With Your Future Self

If the child can resist eating the marshmllow for 15 minutes, he’ll get two. Some do. Others cave almost immediately…

The Mystery of the Incarnation

If he was not flesh, whom did Mary breastfeed? If he was not God, whom did the shepherds worship?

The Most Unhappy of Pleasures

Pleasure is exciting. Happiness is transcendent. More importantly, pleasure is dopamine. And happiness is serotonin.

What are the pleasures? Which are blameworthy and which are innocent?

“Pleasures” are those things which give pleasure (ηδονή) and sweeten our lives. They are dual, like our human nature.

Pleasure and pain: Our instincts are backwards

Here’s where our intuitive response is really wrong: we have a tendency to indulge our pleasures without respite, and to take frequent breaks from those things that make us miserable. This is exactly backwards…

Fasting and action

Unbeaten by rain, unbeaten by wind, unbowed by the snow and the summer heat…

Saint Augustine on Psalm 136

“By the waters of Babylon…” is not a typical psalm of peace and praise to God… How and why does the Church use this hymn in worship?