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The Star of Bethlehem

Every year around Christmas reports give an astronomical explanation of the Star of Bethlehem: A supernova, or a conjunction of planets… These are all nonsense.

We three kings of orient aren’t

We’re all familiar with the image of three men on camels, traveling trackless sand dunes by starlight: “Field and fountain, moor and mountain, / Following yonder star.” But how accurate are our Hallmark greeting cards?

Identity in communion

The only way we can find ourselves is to deny ourselves… It’s only by loving the other that myself actually emerges.

More honorable than the cherubim

Is the Theotokos seriously “more honorable than the cherubim and more glorious than the seraphim”?

Saint Ephrem: “No advantage do you offer”

Saint Ephrem the Syrian (4th century) wrote: No advantages do you offer...

China knuckles

Just like brass knuckles, but they’re made of recycled Blue Willow china and are quite fragile. Because of course they are.

On Anger

In paradise, anger was blessed. The Lord God sowed it in man to give him an instrument for violently repulsing from himself every trick of the devil that aims to separate him from the true God…